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The hardest part of any business is finding a route to market for their product or service. Web site design, search engine optimisation, Google Adwords campaigns, printing, magazine advertising, radio advertising, television advertising and social network marketing are all designed to put your business in contact with people looking for your services or products. Once they take the initiative to contact your business what will their experience be. How can their interest be converted into a sale.

We have had great success in helping our clients with this opportunity.


Our team of call handlers will handle incoming calls as you instruct. Their aim is to build a relationship with callers, build confidence in your business and turn that into valuable sales.

E-mail enquiries

These need to be handled promptly and effectively, responding to queries, preparing quotations and handling problems are all services provided for clients

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Case Study

Business Type : National business

Business Activity: Vehicle accessory fitter

Problem: Missing incoming calls from potential new customers whilst working for current customers. Resulting in wasted marketing expenditure and inconsistent work flows.

Solution: Instead of these valuable incoming calls being greeted by an answerphone the number was pointed at a team of UK Virtual Services call handlers. Once our team understood the services our client was offering they were able to handle these callers as our client would have done. Quotation tools were developed to give each caller an individual estimate for the products they needed. E-mail quotes were designed and sent using the client’s domain name. Using a simple online diary call handers could arrange for fitting appointments. Deposits are also taken from customers and appointment confirmation and invoices are also prepared and sent.

Result : Callers receive a high quality level of customer service, our clients fitters can concentrate on completing existing fittings knowing a steady stream of new paid for appointments are being generated.

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